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July 19, 2024
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Paint Sets

Testors Acrylic Paint Kit - Aircraft colors
Paint Kit: Acrylic Finishing #9188 $7.95
Six Military Aircraft colors, paint brush, and tray.

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Testors Model Car Spray Paint Kit #9215
Paint Kit: Model Car Acrylic Spray Paint # 9215 $14.00
Paint Kit inlcudes: 5 oz. color paints, oz. primer, propellant and spray cap.

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Testors Modelers Paint Kit - Finishing Center with Carousel 12-1/4 oz paints.
Paint Kit: Modeling Finishing Center # 9177 $24.99
Paint Kit comes with Carousel Flat & Gloss Acrylic. This kit includes: 12 ea oz. Acrylic paints, Cement for Plastic, Putty, Broad Tip Brush, Fine Tip Brush, " Brush, Hobby knife, 3 Gluing Tips, 5 Sanding Films.

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